Monday, July 29, 2013

I want to move .qbw file to new location. Please help me!

Do you want to move your QuickBooks Company file from your old computer to a new brand computer? Or do you want to move your company file from your computer to laptop where you can work on file from anywhere? If you need this then it is not a big deal! Here you will see three methods to accomplish this task; you may finish with first one or may need to try all three.

1. Backup & Restore: It is the easiest method to transfer your QuickBooks company file from one computer to another computer. QuickBooks backup function saves the entire information that you will need to re-create the company file. You can restore your company file on another computer by following bellow steps:

  • Make a backup of your QuickBooks company file on computer#1
  • Copy the backup file to a removable media like USB flash drive, CD or any other.
  • Paste the backup file to a designation computer/laptop#2.
  • Now restore the backup on the computer#2.

Note: All above steps are applicable for QuickBooks 2007 & later versions.

For QuickBooks 2006 & earlier versions

In this version of QuickBooks, you need to backup along-with manual copy of some additional files for ensuring complete data transfer on designation computer. Here is the list of thing that need to manually copy on the designation computer:

  • Manager files for loan
  • Business planner
  • Letters, logos, pictures, and templates
  • Financial statement designers & asset managers
  • Transaction log & business planner.
  • Cash flow projectors
  • Settings for printer

Steps to Transfer: Follow below steps to move company file (.qbw) from one computer to another in QuickBooks 2006:

  1. Make a backup of company file (.qbw).
  2. Manually copy all the above discussed things.
  3. Restore the backup file on the designation computer.
  4. Now paste all the things that have copied in step 2 to the same folder in designation computer.

2. Portable QuickBooks Company File: This method is moderately complicated in comparison of Backup & Restore method. It is easy to send your business financial data to another computer or person using portable company file. But don't use the portable company file at same time when person that you have sent file is using the file. If you do then changes will not reflect in the portable company file. 

Perform the following steps to move the company file using portable QuickBooks company file:

1. Create a portable company file
  • Choose you file and then create a copy.
  • Now select 'Portable Company file' and click on next.
  • Save the portable company file to a removable media like USB drive, CD or any other.
2. Copy or Send: Copy the portable company files from the removable media to a designation computer or send it to the desired person by emailing the file as attachment.
Note: Download the attachment of portable company file (.qbm) on the designation computer.

3. Open & Restore Portable Company File: Now open and restore the portable company file on the designation computer#2. To open the file, follow below steps:

  • Click on file and select Open or restore company file.
  • Click on the 'restore a portable company file' and then Next.
  • Browse the location and select the file.
  • Now click on the OK.
  • Select a new name for the file and save.

Now you are able to move your QuickBooks company file to another computer or laptops.

3. Copy & Paste Company File: It is the most complicated method for moving your company file from one computer to another computer or laptop. It will not transfer the entire thing at the designation computer.

Here are the list of things that will not transfer using this method:
  • Manager files for loan
  • Attached documents
  • Business planner
  • Letters, logos, pictures, and templates
  • Financial statement designers & tax forms

How to move file using Copy & Paste: Following steps are need to be done for moving company file from one computer to another using Copy & Paste method:

  • Choose your desired company file.
  • Right click on the file and choose 'copy' option.
  • Now choose the location, where you want to transfer the file.
  • Right click on the desired location and choose 'Paste' option.
  • Now you can open your company file from new location.
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to create an awesome Presentation that stands out

You got a new project and want to communicate your team/users/resource management then the best way of communication is presentation. Presentation is the most effective way to communicate and share your thought with million of people in a limited period of time. A presentation can be any type: personal, profession, general purpose and many more. You can make your audience happy or being boring it depends upon you. I have attended so many presentation where people just talk about data that make boring for the audience. So don't put just data in your presentation. You can make your presentation fun by following below points:

Use high quality images 

Don't just put anything in the slide. Images are the most important part of a presentation. Use unique, creative images that describe what you want to convey to the audience. Audience connect image with words. Avoid using images that are unrelated to your content. As we know 'image says a thousand words' so use images in best possible manner.

Design your own background Themes
Don't just use inbuilt Microsoft PowerPoint design theme. If you use the inbuilt theme then your presentation will also look like any other presentation. Majority of people uses MS PowerPoint and it would not be difficult to recognize for them that you have also use the same theme and didn't put any effort to make it look different. Even if you are a non-designer still you can create something unique and different.

Make it simple
Don't stuff your presentation with lots of text and images. It will make your slide look like crap. It is recommended not to use more than 6 words on a slide. Keep your slide simple and easy to understand. Also avoid using cheesy images.

Use diagram and shapes
Diagram is the best way to convey information quickly. You can also use SmartArt shapes in MS PowerPoint. To make your diagram look attractive you can also add animation to it but make sure you are not overdoing it.

Organize content
The content or text on the slide should be easy to read and understand. Highlight your main points using bullets, numbering etc. Make it visually appealing to audience. Also include summary at the end of presentation.

Keep it short The ideal time span for a presentation is 20 minutes. If you exceed the time limit of your presentation then chances are people would bored to death. So it is best to keep your presentation short and simple. But if your presentation is long then you must try to entertain people in between by giving them short breaks or by telling them a story or showing demo of something. You can also make your audience laugh in between so that they remain alert.

Set the timing of your presentation
Timing is everything in a presentation. So make sure the timing of your each slide should be perfect. If you set the timing of your presentation automatic then chances are that either your slides go fast or very slow. In both cases loss is yours because if your slide is going very fast then audience won't be able to read the full slide and in if it is going too slow, audience will get bored. The best way is to set longer duration for the slides with heavy text and shorter for small slides. This way you won't go off the timings.

Use PowerPoint shortcut keys

Learn some shortcuts that will you in quickly running and moving your slides.

Use solid colors in your presentation
It is not important to always use a catchy background or image to make your presentation looks attractive. Use of solid colors can do the trick. Choose right combination of colors and make your presentation unique and attractive.

Add little sound
It is easy to add sound in your slides. There are many options available in Microsoft PowerPoint for different sounds. You can add sound at the beginning or end of a section of your presentation but don't overdo it as more sound many become annoying for audience.

Use videos
You can also add 10 to 15 second video in your presentation to make it look more interesting. There is an option in latest version of PowerPoint to add video in slide.

Use cool text effects
Be creative by designing cool text fonts. Also go easy on Fonts. Choose font that make your presentation more appealing.

Use free images
There are many websites that provides you with free, high quality images like Stock XCHNG and Flicker.

Make your text readable by audience
When you write text on the image make sure it is visible. Sometime the image hides the text no matter what type of font you use to make your text appear. Avoid this mistake.

Avoid using much of moving text
Avoid using flying or moving text as it will be hard for audience to read that.

Design your presentation for printing purpose also
Audience may like to see your presentation in print as well so design it keeping this thing in mind also. So avoid using dark background and smaller font.

Use contrast in text
Good use of contrast in text makes it more appealing.

Curved lines
Make the look of your presentation sexy by using curved lines and gridlines.

Use master slide

Master slide help in creating professional looking presentation and also saves lot of time.

Use graphics

Use graphics like charts, tables to make your presentation easily understand by audience.
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