Thursday, June 28, 2012

Recover Corrupt Excel Sheet By Changing The Calculation Setting From Automatic To Manual

There are few methods which are very helpful to salvage data from corrupt excel file. Different method works in different type of corruption cases, so it may be possible that below written method didn't work for all type of excel corruption cases. Excel repair software is always have upper hand over manual method because it take less time and doesn't need any technical knowledge .
If excel file doesn't open at your hard drive or on networks then place it on another drive or from network to local hard disk and try to open. Some times it works.

Change calculation setting from automatic to manual to open corrupt excel files. In most of cases this method works perfectly and data from corrupt excel sheet recovered successfully. Use following steps to change calculation setting from automatic to manual.

  1. Create a new blank workbook open. To create blank click Microsoft Office Button --> New --> New Blank --> Blank Document.
  2. Now click on Microsoft Office Button --> Excel Options.
  3. Find Formulas category ----> Calculation --> Manually.
  4. Now click OK.
  5. Open corrupt excel sheet in this workbook. To do this click on Microsoft Office Button -- > Open.
  6. Select corrupted workbook and then click Open.

If this method works successfully then you are able to open corrupt excel sheet in new excel workbook. If it fails then use other excel repair methods like link corrupt file with new excel file and save the workbook in SYLK (Symbolic Link) format etc. Manual methods must be applied properly otherwise you will lose your data. If excel file is severely damaged then I will recommend you to use excel repair software because it uses sophisticated algorithm to scan corrupt excel workbook and retrieves all possible data.
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Know the Causes of PDF File Corruption and How to Repair it?

Like all other documents, PDF files may also get corrupt. There are several causes of PDF file corruption. When pdf file get damaged, it will generate several type of error messages. All error messages depend on causes of corruption. In the pdf file corruption situation you cannot open pdf documents or if it open then garbage data displayed. In this following post I will discuss about causes which leads to PDF file corruption and its solution.

Causes of PDF File Corruption: There could be much reason due to which PDF files may get corrupt. Some of most common causes are listed below.

  1. Improper Download Process: Most of PDF files are get corrupt due to incorrect downloading process. If Internet connection is disconnected while downloading PDF file then it has huge possibility that file get corrupt.

  1. Incorrect Creation process: There are several PDF creation programs are available some uses simple algo other uses very complicated process to create PDF file. It is possible that some programs could not able to create PDF file correctly so when user upload on Internet, it doesn't works and generate some error message.
  2. Incompatible Viewer Program: There are several PDF file viewer programs are available to view PDF. But all viewer programs don’t compatible with every PDF creator software. So it may get corrupt or generate incompatibility error.
  3. Improper system shutdown: While creating PDF file if suddenly system get shutdown then opened PDF document will damage.
  4. Virus attack: Like other documents virus or malware attack leads to PDF corruption.

Solutions: Corrupt PDF file can be repair and you can retrieve back your valuable data. Use these methods to repair corrupt PDF document.

  1. Adobe Acrobat has a built-in repair tool that automatically repairs PDF documents during the opening process. But this utility doesn't repair all damaged files. It works only when PDF files minor damaged.
  2. Third party PDF repair software will be very helpful if PDF file is severely damaged. These tools uses advanced and sophisticated algorithm to scan corrupt PDF file and remove corruption causes. Find advance PDF repair software which is compatible with your system configuration.

Hopefully the above post help reader to solve PDF corruption problem.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to Solve an Error “Cannot open "Documents\The” of MS word

When MS word gets corrupt, it givesseveral types of error while opening it. Error message is depend oncause of corruption. You will receive different type of error messagein different scenario. Here I am providing solution for “Cannotopen "Documents\The” error message which you will get,when you try to open MS word file. Along with this error message youmay get few massages which are written below...

Cannot open C:\My”
Cannot open "Test.doc"”

Main Cause of the problem: MS wordcorruption is not basic cause of this type of error. The main causeof this problem is registration of your MS word version is get expireand you need to re-register to fix this problem. The process ofre-registering is very easy and you can perform it very easily.

You can use bellow written method on MSword 97 and above version
  1. Boot your system.
  2. Click on Start --> Run
  3. When run box open type winword /r command and hit Enter.
Note: Don't forget to place space before forward slash.

After re-registering process is overthen double click on MS word file. You will able to open MS word file without any error. In case problem still persist then it signify that your word file is severely corrupted and in that case you need to some advance MS word repair software.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why MS Word File Crash on Opening

Is MS word document close soon after you open it? If yes, then read this post to know the cause and solution to overcome this problem.

It might be possible that template got corrupted but other there could be more reasons. So let us first verify Is this due to template corruption or something else.

To verify it, Start MS word without template and add-ins loaded. Follow the steps to do so.....

  1. Click Start and then click on Run.
  2. Write winword.exe /a in Run box and hit enter.

Note: Remember to place space before foreword slash. In case you miss it then error can occur, “/a” stands for troubleshooting tool only. If your error got fix then it means either your Normal template or one of the files in Word's Startup path are probably corrupt, so you need to try these steps:

1) Try to Rename the Normal template. In word 2007 normal template have .dotx or dotm extension.

2) For example, try to rename to Normal.old. It is advisable to keep only one file.

In case it doesn't work for you then try another method given below:

  1. Move any file from Word's startup path to other folder.
  2. Renaming any files in Word's Startup path from [filename].dot to [filename].old.
  3. You can find the location Word's Startup folder under Tools + Options + File location.
  4. If you have any doubts then move the files instead renaming them.

If you have template corruption problem then above written method will resolve it and word file will stop crashing. But in the case document behave in the same way then it signify that cause of problem is different and you need to apply suitable method to fix word file overcome.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Troubleshooting for an error message “There was an error access C:\documents and settings\username\Presentation.pptx”

Microsoft PowerPoint Icon
Microsoft PowerPoint Icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There are tons of reason due to which PowerPoint presentation become inaccessible for users. When users click to open PPT, it ends up with some error message. PowerPoint corruption is one reason for inaccessibility of PPT. There are several causes for MS PowerPoint corruption like virus attack, improper system shutdown, MS office corruption, OS corruption, damaged hard drive etc. In such case there is no need to worry of PPT corruption because there are several PowerPoint repair tools & manual methods available to repair damaged files.

While opening a PPT file getting an error messages is depend on type of PPT corruption. One such error message is “There was an error access C:\documents and settings\username\ Presentation.pptx”. The PowerPoint corruption is main reason for this type of error.

Solution: Such errors can fix by opening corrupt PPT in earlier version of MS PowerPoint, like PowerPoint 2000 or in any earlier version. If you are able to open file in earlier version then insert slides from damages presentation in a new presentation. Follow the steps written below to do this:-

For PowerPoint 2007

1) Home > Slides group > Click on New Slide > Click on Reuse Slides.
2) In Reuse Slides > click Open a PowerPoint File.
3) Now Browse path of PPT file that contains slide and click Open.

I believe with the help of this method you can fix above written error method very easily. It is observed, in some cases above method didn't work and corrupt file could not open in earlier version of PowerPoint. In such situation there is only one solution remain i.e. to take the help of PowerPoint Repair Software to regain the access of your original PPT file. You can find some advance PowerPoint repair  tool which is compatible with your system configuration.
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