Thursday, September 22, 2011

Easy Steps to Repair Corrupt MS Word Documents

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Sometimes when you are trying to open MS word document but it doesn't open, an error message pop up. Continuously you received same message once you open that document. In most of cases, corruption of word document is main reason of error messages. MS word get corrupt due to various reasons like virus attack, improper system shutdown, MS office corruption etc. In each case your word document will not work properly. Word Recovery is required to repair damaged MS word file.

There are two ways to repair corrupt word documents, first use conventional methods to repair damaged doc file, second method is to use word repair software. Here is the detailed explanation on both methods.

  1. Method to Repair Word Document: Try this method when word document is corrupted or damaged due to any reason.
a) Open damaged doc file in draft mode.
b) To turn off screen updating try this macro in word 6.0 or 7.0.
Sub Main
               Screen updating 0
               Fileopen. Name = "\ corruptfile'sname.doc"
               ToolsOptionsView.Draftfont = 1
        End Sub
c) Create new file and insert corrupt file in it.
d) Now link to damaged document.
e) Open file in to MS WordPad.
f) Open file in WordPerfect.
g) Open DOS prompt and type copy con+corruptdocfilename.doc newname.doc to strip out the header information. The word CON should appear with a blinking cursor next to it. Press the spacebar 12 times and press [Enter]. Then, open the newname.doc in Word.
h) You done it.

  1. Use Word Repair Software: This is quick and easiest method to repair your valuable word document. These are several word repair software are available on Internet. Word repair software’s are quite advanced and work perfect in all type of corruption cases. It is very important to find that word repair software which is compatible with your computer configuration.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to Solve “This file is not in a recognizable format” Error of MS excel

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MS excel is one of the most important spreadsheet application for computer users. Storing and managing data is very easy with Ms excel. All important data saved inside these excel sheet. Imaging the situation in which you are trying to open an important excel sheet but could not do so, it gives some error. These errors means that your spreadsheet is get corrupt and you need to repair it to repair your valuable data. Excel recovery is required to repair this damaged .xls sheet.

Microsoft offer solution for corrupt excel sheet where you have to link the corrupt spreadsheet with news one. But this solution work hardly ever. So here I am going to explain a solution to easy repair of damaged excel sheet.
Follow the steps given below to:

  1. Open an undamaged workbook and a new workbook.
  2. In the Insert menu of new workbook find hyperlink and create link with undamaged workbook. Now close undamaged workbook.
  3. The link in cell A1 displays the path to the non-corrupted file. Edit the formula in cell A1 by substituting the corrupted file name for the existing one.
  4. If it works, the corrupted file will open. In this case, copy the formula down and across until the link returns blank cells.
  5. Select the data, copy it, and choose Paste Special from the Edit menu. In the resulting Paste Special dialog box, click Values and click OK to paste the data over itself. Doing so removes the link formula, but the values returned by the link remain.
It is possible that above written method may regain all data from corrupt excel sheet. In case this may not work and excel is still corrupt then you don't need to worry. Luckily we have another solution. Try to recover corrupt .xls file with the use of excel recovery software. Excel repair tools will repair damaged excel sheet irrespective to the reason of corruption. Find appropriate excel repair software on Internet which is compatible with your computer configuration.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

How to Resolve “An inconsistency...” Error From Backup File

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NTBackup utility is used by Windows NT, XP, Server 2003 and 2007 users for creating backup of valuable data. This utility creates backup in .BKF file format. These BKF backup files can store whenever user lost data. Suppose user is unable to find original data (or data get corrupt) and trying to restore data from bkf files (backup files). After trying this all user come to know that these backup files are also get corrupt. In this situation BKF repair is the best option to get data back.

Sometime operation system such as windows server 2003 has slow speed or virus on system due to this user decided to format the operating system. A smart user always take backup of all work and file on safe location or on different HDD. User will take the backup of all valuable data with the use of NTBackup on multiple-tape set in .BKF file format. After backup of every file user will format the operating system windows server 2003. Now the next situation which might come i.e. after re-installation of new version of windows server user is unable to restore the BKF file and receive an error message something like:

“Error: An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media”

Cause of above error message:
The main reason of above message is that BKF files are get corrupt. There are several reasons by which BKF file get corrupt the main cause are virus attack, human errors, interruption during backup process, power fluctuation during backup and backup is not taken properly. It is always advisable to check backup files after creating backup so user can avoid this problem while restoring it.

So what is the Solution? I know you must be curious to know about it.
The available solution is to select only one backup set at one time to restore. If BKF files are not corrupt then it may resolve the problem. In case above problem persist then it means BKF files are get corrupt. In this situation user can opt for BKF Repair Software as remedy.
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How to Solve “Error -6000, -80” Error of QuickBooks Company Files

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This error is reported in the latest version of Intuit QuickBooks pro 2011. This error appears while opening company files. Due to Error -6000, -80 working on QuickBooks get difficult and every time same error message pop up on screen. First it is very important to resolve this error-6000, -80 to work properly on QuickBooks. QuickBooks has given the solution to overcome this problem with two competent tools to check the integrity and the connectivity abilities of the company files. Use these tools or use updated backup of the company files for solving this issue. You can also use third party QuickBooks Repair software as well to solve above problem.

You will receive different type of errors in different cases of company file corruption. In one case when you try to open a company (.qbw) file when you receive an error message while doing it.

Error -6000, -80: An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file”

Reason for above error message: There are several reasons for above error message, four most common reasons are written below......
  1. Corruption in company files.
  2. Company data are converted over network.
  3. More than two users are using this QuickBooks data files.
  4. Connection with server is not active.
Solution: For different error messages you will have to perform different type solution. You need to use any of the above methods for solving your problem.

  1. Use QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool: Download company file diagnostic tool for QuickBooks website and scan corrupt company files and detect the errors in qbw files. You should restore the updated backup of the company file, if errors are found. If not, then use the next method.
  2. Use QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool: If your problem remains same then you need to download QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool from intuit QuickBooks website. By using this tool check if the company files are able to create connection over the network. If the connection is OK and you are able to open the file after running this tool, then you should go ahead and continue working on the file. If you are getting any errors, then try next method.
  3. Copy the file to the local C drive: In this method you need to copy the company files to local drive and restore the updated backup. Now restored the backup files in to the original location.
There are good chances that any of the other method will solve your company files related problems but in few special cases above method may not work. To solve those special cases you can use QuickBooks recovery software to fix corrupt QuickBooks database files. These software are work perfectly in all type of corruption cases.
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Solution of “No information Contained” Problem of BKF files

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BKF files are data backup files which stores valuable data. These files are created by using NTBackup utility which is a powerful backup application and it is a free tool which comes with NT based version of windows operating system. It is quite easy to store data in these BKF files by using NTBackup tool. But in some cases BKF files gives an error message while restoring data from it. There are several reasons behind these error massages but the main reason is corruption in BKF files. If BKF files are get corrupt then backup will become inaccessible and data cannot be restored by using NTBackup tool. To resolve such issue BKF file repair is required by using BKF Recovery software to extract data back.
If you are trying to open or restore corrupt BKF file, you will get several error messages one of them is explained below.
There is no information contained in the file...”
NTBackup utility will not be able to restore your data if BKF files are giving above written error message. This error message will pop up every time when you will try to restore data with NTBackup utility.

Let us read the cause of this Error Message: Above error message comes in two situations as given below:
  1. If you are using two windows operating system with different product keys for creating and restoring backup files.
  2. BKF files are get corrupt, and corrupt BKF files gives above message while restoring. There are number of reasons for BKF file corruption some of them are given here virus infection, operating system malfunction, improper system shutdown, simultaneous execution of Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) while creating backup, installing service pack.
Now, Let us read the solution for it:
Always restore backup files on the same machine on which these backup files are created (should have same product key). BKF recovery software is required to repair corrupt damaged or corrupt BKF files. Several BKF repair software are available on Internet you need to choose that one which is compatible with your computer configuration and requirement.
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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ways To Repair Damaged BKF Files Due To Improper System Shutdown

Windows data can be corrupt or damaged at any point of time, to protect your valuable data you must take regular backup of data. To insure security of data windows provide an in-build utility called NT Backup, which is present in Windows NT (XP, 2000, 2003) systems. All data is copied as BKF files in the NT backup. On the other hand BKF files sometimes get corrupt. It is due to the abrupt crash, lack of catalog files, the CRC errors. To overcome from data loss situations, you need to use a third party BKF repair tool to repair corrupt BKF files. 

To illustrate this, let's take a scenario where you are trying to add data incrementally in the BKF file, while an abrupt system is get shutdown, this will lead to BKF file corruption. Next time when you trying to open BKF files, you could not do so.
Backup file does not open due to corruption of data. BKF file corruption occurs due to sudden system shutdown, while data backup was in process. Due to corruption in the backup files, It can't be restored again results in data inaccessibility.
First of all you need to create backup of available data and run the NTBackup utility to create a new backup. Windows does not have the option to repair BKF files. So once packed new backup, you should opt for a third-party BKF repair tool for recovery of corrupted data. These tools use the algorithm so that BKF files repairs quickly and rigorously, and scans the damaged area successfully to repair BKF files.
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