Monday, August 22, 2011

How to Solve CRC Error of Corrupt BKF File

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To avoid above situation, we suggest you to make a habit of keep a backup of the data which you need frequently. Now, it's almost a blessing that the Windows NT (Server 2003, XP, Server 2000) users have inbuilt option i.e. NTBackup. This utility enables them to backup their valuable data on a regular basis as BKF files. That said, you should take precautions to safeguard the BKF files and otherwise these files can also get corrupt. These files can get corrupt due to various reasons, such as human error, virus infections, interruptions while backing up, power surges, corrupt system files, etc. To repair these files, you must use the methods appropriate.
However, if you are unable to resolve the situation to use a third party BKF repair tool.

Consider a scenario NTBackup utility stored BKF files on network get corrupt.

CRC error is root cause of BKF files get corrupt. The CRC error is an error-checking method in data transmission where a CRC character is produced at the transmission end. The value of this character depends on the hexadecimal value of all 1s in the data block. This check is used to validate the integrity of data blocks. The error occurs if some bytes in the file is lost or overwritten.

To resolve this problem, you should try to create the BKF file, if the data is not lost. However, if you have lost your data then use third-party software to repair BKF files. These are Read-only tools that are able to recover data from BKF files using fast scanning algorithms which are very sophisticated and without modifying the original content.
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Friday, August 19, 2011

How To Solve “Invoice Showing Zero Balance” In QuickBooks

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Are you facing problem while working on quickbooks (a accounting software)? Is your quickbooks does not opening properly? If your answer is “YES” then it may be possibility that your quickbooks is getting corrupt. Actually quickbooks stores all its data inside a database, which have .QBW extension, this database can get corrupt due to virus attack or improperly system shut down.
To overcome from corruption you need to rebuild your quickbooks or use quickbooks repair software.
Here I am describing a quickbooks corruption case in which Invoice showing zero balance while it is paid by costumer.
Scenario: An invoice was created from an estimate. The customer paid the full invoice amount. The payment was received against the invoice and posted to undeposited funds. The deposit was created as usual.
Problem: When we go back into "receive customer payments", the Invoice still shows with the full balance owing. However, if we open the invoice, we can see the payment was applied (bottom right-hand corner of invoice screen shows amount applied and balance = $0 but the Invoice does not have a "Paid" stamp on it). Customer Balance Detail Report shows this Invoice has a zero outstanding balance.
Solution: Customer Balance Detail Report didn't get updated in whole transaction this is root of the above problem and quickbooks database could not able supply data to Customer Balance Detail Report. This is because quickbooks database it getting corrupt. You need to repair .QBW files to overcome from above problem. Use quickbooks rebuild utility to repair corrupt database. If it didn't solve your problem then use Stellar phoenix quickbooks recovery software. It will solve your problem and repair every corrupt .qbw files.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

3 Methods To Repair/ Recover Corrupt Word Documents

There are several software utilities, offering to repair damaged Word files. Most of them are commercial, and quality of the work is questionable.
After doing som
e research I found three ways to repair corrupt word files which are described below:

1) Open and Re
pair utility: I have found this little trick to repair Microsoft Word, using the integrated capabilities of Microsoft Word. The method worked perfectly for two files, which are badly corrupt and need to recover formatting. The process was quick, easy and requires no additional software download.

Step 1 - Open Microsoft Word.
Step 2 - Click Fil
e -> Open -> and select the damaged document, highlighting. Do not click on the file because it opens by default.
Step 3 - Click the
arrow on the Open button and select Open and Repair. Please refer to the image below.

2) Use docx2txt damaged (Free Tool): Microsoft Office Word 2007 / 2010 document might be corrupted due to various reasons, two of the most common mistakes that the transfer of data and hard disk crash. Once your documents are damaged then it is very difficult to recover. If you try to open corrupt MS Word file, you receive an error that the file is corrupt. There are two ways to recover files from Word, the first method is to buy word recovery software, and the second method which is free, is given below.

Use Damaged docx2txt to recover Word 2007 documents, this is a free tool.

How to recover document with Damaged Docx2txt?
This tool recovers Word 2007 document by extracting text from it. Just run it, choose File> Open and select the corrupt file. The extracted text would be visible in the main window to save this text, go to File> Save, and then name him. You save all recovered text format. Txt.

3) Use of Open Office: The next option (which usually works) is to open the damaged file in Word Open Office - free office suite that is compatible with Microsoft Word documents. Here's how:
Step 1) Download Open Office - it's completely free. When you download it you will find the file size big so downloading may take some time, it is depending on your internet connection speed.
Step 2) Click the downloaded file to install and follow the installation wizard.
Step 3) In the Open File menu program " Writer" (Go to Start-> Programs-> - openoffice>. Org Writer)
Step 4) Now, using OpenOffice Writer to open the damaged file (File-> Open)
Step 5) Once opened, save it again using File-> Save As and make sure to change the "Save as type" menu of Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP (or the version you have.)
Step 6) Open the recovered file in Word.

Now you can use any of above method to recover or repair corrupt word file. But if above methods doesn't work for you then you need to use some advance word recovery software.
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stellar Launched PDF recovery v1.0

Stellar Phoenix PDF Recovery is advance PDF repair software for repairing PDF files.

It is convenient and easy to use software having many user friendly features.

The application has an added feature to extract image files from a working PDF file.

Stellar Phoenix PDF Recovery also allows you to remove permissions set on the working PDF files.

Feature List :

1. Recovery of corrupt PDF files.

2. Extracts Images from PDF files.

3. Removes restrictions from PDF files.

4. Restores forms, page format, header and footer, word art, clip art, shapes, charts, tables contained in the PDF file.

5. Recovers hyper-links, book-marks, comments, notes.

6. Fonts, outlines, colors are maintained in the recovered document.

7. Recovery of page tree and cross-reference table.

8. Repairs corrupt PDF files stored on CD-ROM, and flash memory.

9. Repaired file is saved at a new location.

10. Supports repair of almost all versions of PDF files.

11. User-friendly GUI.

Minimum System Requirements

Processor: Pentium Class

RAM: 1 GB minimum

Hard Disk: 50 MB

Operating Systems: Windows 2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7

Acrobat Reader: Acrobat Reader should be installed as per the file version.

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